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Best Seafood Buffet in Bangkok

Seafood Buffet Bangkok

Thailand is a country known for its fresh seafood. As the country borders the sea, there are an abundance of fresh fish markets selling all types of seafood! Being in Bangkok is perfect for sampling all types of seafood as fresh fish is easily transported from the coast to the city. The short distance the seafood has to travel means that it is super fresh and delicious.

Seafood can undoubtedly be very expensive. Even though there is a lot of seafood around, quality seafood will always come at a high price. However a way to avoid paying very high prices is to try a Seafood Buffet in Bangkok. All you can eat seafood at the price of what one might pay for 1 crab dish. It’s a no brainer!

Try the best Seafood Buffet in Bangkok at The Square, Novotel Bangkok on Siam Square.

 Get ready for the best Seafood Buffet in Bangkok

The Square at Novotel Bangkok Siam Square is known throughout the city to locals and tourists as having one of the best Seafood Buffet’s in Bangkok. The buffet has a variety of fresh and tasty catches direct from the sea. Right when you enter the restaurant, you will be greeted with a big display of seafood on ice. Special seafood highlights change every 2 months at The Square. For the most updated promotions, please see the Special Offers page.

Seafood on ice can include large Alaska king crab legs, juicy oysters, prawns, shrimp, clams, river prawns and so much more! The seafood buffet will also feature a grill station, where fresh rock lobster and river prawns can be grilled a la minute. There are many chefs on hand during the seafood buffet that will be at the live stations available to cook your seafood however you like! Accompanying the seafood is an assortment of homemade sauces, from spicy and sour Thai seafood sauce to cocktail sauce and chili paste.

Seafood Buffet in Bangkok Seafood Buffet in Bangkok Seafood Buffet in Bangkok Seafood Buffet in Bangkok

Other highlights at The Square

If you want something other than seafood, the buffet is perfect for an assortment of dishes to round off your meal. The grill station features different types of meat like lamb, beef and pork. A favorite station is also the Japanese station, where fresh sushi and sashimi are prepared right in front of you. Taste creative combinations like spicy seared salmon roll. This seafood buffet in Bangkok also has a Thai station with rotating local favorites, fresh salad bar and 2 soups of the day. Other features include customizable pizza and pastas along with 8 rotating hot Asian and Western dishes.

Don’t forget to sample the dessert corner for that sweet ending. Taste and assortment of Thai and European desserts like mango sticky rice and chocolate mousse. There is also a chocolate fondue with marshmallows and fruits for dipping. Made-to-order crepes and ice-cream are also a delicious way to end the meal.

Seafood Buffet in Bangkok Seafood Buffet in Bangkok Seafood Buffet in Bangkok Seafood Buffet in Bangkok

Seafood Buffet in Bangkok Promotions

Find all the promotions available at The Square on our Special Offers Page! To keep things fresh and exciting, the dinner buffet at The Square changes up every 2-3 months. Book online for the best deal available as you can get up to 60% off!

Examples of previous Seafood Buffet promotions at The Square:

Prawn Madness

A dinner buffet featuring prawns! River prawns, Tiger prawns, White prawns, Rock Lobster, Shrimp and more. Additional highlights include Cheese fondue fountain, Prawn and shrimp Tom Yum buckets, baked river prawns with garlic butter, pesto or 4 cheese. Other stations include seafood on ice, with crabs and oyster, specialty sushi rolls and so much more!

Crazy for Crab:

A dinner buffet featuring 3 kinds of crabs: Black Crab, Tiger Crab and Blue Crab. Pick the crab and have it prepared the way you like, whether that is steamed, grilled or on ice. Other highlights include a tempura station, crab Poke, roasted whole fish, pizza, sushi and sashimi,  seafood chowder and more. The buffet also includes prawns and salmon as well as pasta and grilled premium meat!


Enjoy amazing discounts when you book online. Check out our special offers page for the most updated promotions!


About The Square

The Square is an International Buffet Restaurant located on the 2nd floor of Novotel Bangkok on Siam Square. The Square is open daily and serves up breakfast, lunch and dinner. The restaurant has great views, atmosphere and food. Take a seat at one of the comfy couches and spend your time eating away at the large array of food. There is a Japanese corner with fresh sushi and sashimi, an Italian corner with pizza and pasta and much more. The dinner buffet specializes in fresh seafood and grilled meats. Make sure to check out all the special offers for new promotions every 2 months.

Guests dining at both The Square and Lok Wah Hin get 3 hours of free parking.

How to get to The Square, Novotel Bangkok on Siam Square

The Square is easily accessible by the BTS Sky Train. Take the train to Siam Station and take Exit 5. After that it’s a short 2 minute walk to Novotel Bangkok on Siam Square. When you reach the restaurant, take the elevator or stairs up to the second floor.

If you are arriving by car, set your GPS to Novotel Bangkok on Siam Square and follow the directions!

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