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Bars & Restaurants

Special care is taken to provide guests with a contemporary dining experience. The Square restaurant offers the best buffet in Bangkok with an interactive live International selection of sweet and savoury fares from around the world. Some of the highlights are fresh seafood catches and Dim Sums from the award-winning restaurant, Lok Wah Hin! Our contemporary dining spot, the Gourmet Bar is a relaxed space that serves a wide range of authentic Thai and western dishes as well as a selection of specially curated drinks and pastries. Look out for monthly Chef Specials and live music performances! The latest additions to our dining experience are the Sweet Block and the Coffee Block for all the dessert and coffee lovers out there!
  • the-square

    The Square


    Experience the vibrant atmosphere of Thai street markets at the newly revamped restaurant, The...

  • gourmet-bar

    Gourmet Bar


    Welcome to Bangkok’s latest social dining space, Gourmet Bar!

  • la-brioche-by-gourmet-bar

    La Brioche by Gourmet Bar


    Introducing the latest dessert cafe in town! Indulge in a whole new experience with delicious...

  • coffee-block-by-gourmet-bar

    Coffee Block by Gourmet Bar


    Are you in need of your daily dose of caffeine? Are you looking for a place to rest and get comfy...


Special Offers

  • crab-festival-buffet

    Crab Festival Buffet

    Crabs have invaded our seafood buffet! Keep your crab claws ready for our wide Crab Selection! Book now!  Be delighted by our chefs Highlights: Steamed Poo Kai (made to...

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  • weekend-lunch-buffet-599-net

    Weekend Lunch Buffet 599 Net

    When you want value for money, a lunch buffet is a way to go. At Novotel Bangkok on Siam Square, our lunch buffet offers dishes from around the world with special delicacies of...

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