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La Brioche Siam Square


La Brioche Siam Square is a delightful bakery shop located right next to the lobby of Novotel Bangkok on Siam Square. Everyday locals and tourists visit this amazing bakery to enjoy some Paris vibes. La Brioche is simply a hidden gem that will surprise you and delight your senses. 

A visit to La Brioche is a sweet and convenient experience. Enjoy a cup of coffee and some of the finest pastries and desserts in town. Here, you will have the opportunity to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of the city, relax, take it slow and enjoy a sweet treat. 


Finding La Brioche Siam Square is no daunting task. It is just 1 minute walk from the Siam BTS Station, the main station of BTS Skytrain. La Brioche Siam Square is reachable by public transportation or by foot. Easy and convenient. 

Siam square area is a centric and lively district, surrounded by some of the largest shopping malls in the city and a wide assortment of activities. Visiting La Brioche Siam Square is the perfect starting point for a day full of fun activities. 

Here is a great tip if you are the type of person that enjoys walking streets. Siam Square has been fully renovated and hosts an amazing walking street from Friday to Sunday. The walking street starts just in front of La Brioche Siam Square. Why not enjoy a coffee and dessert before a nice walk around the new Siam Walking Street


With unique and refreshing products, La Brioche Siam Square is constantly reinventing itself while keeping the tradition that has made our products a success. 

With a wide variety of delightful sweets and savory pastries that excite both young and old, La Brioche is a must try bakery in the Siam Square area. 

On top of our baseline products, every couple of months our master bakers create a new seasonal menu to have something fresh and different to try. 

In 2022, La Brioche took a sweet turn by creating a new menu with influence from all around the world. Thai desserts, French pastries, and Japanese bread (Shokupan) are some of the flavors that you will be able to experience during your visit. 


Thai Dessert

Pandan Croissant Brick with ice cream – 

One of our top specialties is our Croissant bread and we have used it to create one of our most popular desserts in 2022 . With the influence of Thai flavors,  this dessert became a best choice for Thai’s and foreigners. 

The fresh ingredients like the Croissant bread, Pandan kaya, fresh coconut, milk ice cream and cookie crumbles have a flavor explosion that will amaze your taste buds. The uniqueness of the desert comes from all the different textures it has. The softness of the bread with a slightly crispy outside covered  perfectly with the pandan flavored custard combines perfectly with the cold ice cream and cookie crumbles. Simply a must try dessert from La Brioche Siam Square. 

Shokupan Toast

Shokupan toast with mixed berries and ice cream –

This Japanese inspired recipe has been popular since we launched it in late 2021. Carefully incorporating the Japanese influences, we bake for you a delightful Shokupan Toast. The unique consistency of this bread absorbs the melting ice cream and the juices from the citric fruits. The smooth taste of this Shokupan toast and the sweet and sour berries are the perfect match. Add some vanilla or chocolate ice cream and you have a dessert that you can enjoy till the last bite. 
Belgian Chocolate Cake

Belgian chocolate molten cake – 

Our master bakers had all those chocolate lovers in mind when they designed The Belgian chocolate molten cake. It has a soft cake base and is covered in a smooth cream made with premium Belgian chocolate. Sweet and creamy, if you are the type of person that has a weak spot for chocolate you won’t be disappointed. 


La Brioche Siam Square’s creations will highlight your day. Take a break from a long walking day and the crowded streets  with our popular desserts, pastries and signature drinks, and sweeten your day.

Visit La Brioche Siam Square


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