Where to Celebrate Chinese New Year in Bangkok

Where to Celebrate Chinese New Year in Bangkok

Are you looking for where to celebrate Chinese New Year 2020 in Bangkok? The New Year festivity is one of the biggest celebrations across the world. And it gets bigger when you come to Thailand. The sea of red, the magnificent demonstration, the endless parades, and the aesthetically appealing costumes that portray Chinese rich history; These are what make this festival one of the biggest festivals in Asia. Interestingly, the Chinese new year is an unofficial festivity in most places in Bangkok. But people go all out to make it grand.

During the Chinese new year festival in Bangkok, Chinese communities come alive with music, dancing, and beautifully lit lanterns that paint the skies red. On top of that, you’ll witness countless parades and performances on the streets. Only a handful of provinces in Thailand declare lunar new year festival as a public holiday. But it can be enjoyed from anywhere in Bangkok. But while some of these places provide a satisfactory view of the event, places with optimum viewing experience will need some finding. If you are looking for Where to Celebrate Chinese New Year 2020 in Bangkok, don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. We have been around and we can tell you categorically that the following locales hold the best seats for a mesmeric Chinese new year viewing experience.

Yaowarat Chinatown in Bangkok

If you are asking Where to Celebrate Chinese New Year 2020 in Bangkok, you won’t find anywhere better than Yaowarat. There is a good reason why this location is number one on our list. Aside from the fact that it houses the largest Chinese community in Thailand, most of the Chinese new year festivities start and end here.

With or without the Chinese new year festival, Yaowarat Chinatown is a beautiful place to visit. That is probably why most tourists in Bangkok have it asterisked in their list of must-visit places in Thailand. On the off chance that you’ll be visiting Bangkok during the lunar new year festivities, visit Yaowarat for a mesmeric viewing experience.

One of the most amazing events that make the Chinese new year celebration a sight to behold, is the procession of worshipers and ethnic Chinese folks. If you want to get a front roll seat to these parades, Yoawarat Chinatown is the ideal place to go. Begin your sightseeing at the Wat Mangkon kamalawat or Wat Leng Noei Yi for an unprecedented prayer session. You’ll find other worshipers there dressed in aesthetically appealing regalia ready for the street procession that is to come afterward. If you still have time on your hands, visit other equally revered shrines in the area and offer a short prayer for the new year.

Whereas the Chinatown streets are always lined with shops and food stalls; during the Chinese new year festivities Yaowarat Chinatown becomes a place of wonderment and appeal. The street will be decorated with red lanterns and colorfully-dressed dragon and lion dancers.

If ever you get bored with the daring performances of the dragon and lion dancers, you can take a breather at the back alleyways of Bangkok Chinatown. It is also worth mentioning that the Yaowarat Chinatown is a great place for new year shopping activities. If you are looking for Where to Celebrate Chinese New Year 2020 in Bangkok and shop, Bangkok Chinatown is the ideal place.

Suphan Buri heavenly dragon park – Dragon Descendants museum

If you love dragon dance and the majestic parades dedicated to dragon descendants during the Chinese new year festival, then you’ll love this place. You may have seen a gigantic golden dragon somewhere on the internet while perusing the visit-worthy sites in Bangkok. It is an iconic attraction spot in Bangkok. The structure depicts a gigantic golden dragon emerging from the clouds with fumes in its mouth. On the other hand, you probably haven’t noticed from the cropped-up pictures circulating on the internet, that the Dragon Descendants museum is the dragon itself. It may also interest you to know that this is the biggest dragon architecture ever made by man.

This beautiful yet historic structure is located in the heart of Suphan Buri, a small charming city in Bangkok. Suphan Buri offers a grand Chinese new year experience. So when you are done with the history lessons at the Dragon Descendants museum, visit other locales in the area.

Chinatown Gate

Chinatown gate (Odeon Circle) is the entryway to the grandeur Bangkok Chinatown; and a great place to experience all the fun and excitements of the lunar new year celebrations. If you are looking for Where to Celebrate Chinese New Year 2020 in Bangkok, don’t look any further; Odeon Circle is the real deal. Everyone comes into Yaowarat Chinatown through here. It serves as the focal point for the greater part of the lunar new year celebrations. During the Chinese new year celebrations in Bangkok, you’ll see a lot of red flags and banners lining the streets leading to the Chinatown gate. Thus, transforming the whole area into a mesmeric site of fun and amazement. Even if you don’t have a Chinese pedigree, being in this grandeur entryway will make you appreciate the Chinese heritage.

Besides, the shops lining the streets near the Odeon Circle stay open throughout the Chinese new year celebration. So you can welcome respite and shop for Chinese artifacts even as you enjoy the show.

Kudi Jeen and Khlong San

It isn’t uncommon for people to get bored during the Chinese new year celebrations. When you do, you’ll need a place to enjoy peaceful vibes without missing out on the Chinese new year parades. Kian Un Keng shrine in Kudi Jeen offers the best view. This historic shrine is strategically positioned opposite Bangkok’s Grand palace and most of the revered temples in Bangkok. It is one of Thai’s greatest attraction sites and a must-visit for all travelers in Bangkok.

If you are looking for Where to Celebrate Chinese New Year 2020 in Bangkok, the list goes on and on. However, if you want a front roll seat experience, Yaowarat Chinatown offers the best view. Besides the greater part of the Thai-Chinese community live here.

Dining before the celebrations

Traditionally, people have been eating Dim Sum on all meals during the Chinese New Year. Not many people follow this anymore. Most prefer to keep it to the most important days of the celebration, the last 2 days. If you’re looking for a real Dim Sum experience on the Chinese New Year, head to The Square. The restaurant has a permanent Lok Wah Hin counter added to their buffet line, with amazing online promotions.

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