Siam Discovery Center

Siam Discovery Center

About Siam Discovery Center

Siam Discovery Center is a well constructed and beautifully designed 7-story shopping mall. It’s highly regarded for its appealing style of presenting items and goods on display. The Japanese design company Nendo is at the origins of this sophisticated concept. The design is a top-class and luxurious one. Every floor of the seven floors in the building has its uniqueness and point focus. The various shops on each floor have a common unity that makes the mall look well planned and arranged. Some floors are into digital appliances, while some are into homeward trading and other into women fashion. There are still many more different kinds of commodity trades on various floors.

Importance of Siam Discovery Center

Siam Discovery Center makes available quality products from reputable companies all over the world. You can find top quality American and European brands such as Calvin Klein, Boss Orange, Paul Smith, Versace, Louis Vuitton. If you get on to the ground floor of Siam Discovery Center, you would find anchor stores and chic boutiques from Issey Miyake, Comme des Garcons and Diesel. When you proceed to go to the higher floors, you would notice significantly some lack of shops. This is the reason why goods are laid out casually as you would expect to see in homes. If you’re searching for a specific product or commodity, you don’t need to panic or stress yourself much. There are a lot of staff and workers that would assist you in a comfortable shopping experience. And when you have a proper view of the whole place, you would discover that there are no cash register units around. This gives you the feeling that you can hang around here more than doing some shopping only.

The same owners own and operate The famous Siam Discovery mall and the flanking Siam Center and Siam Paragon malls. The mall has made available mid to high-end shops that sell foreign goods such as Adidas, Nike, The North Face, Armani Exchange, Miss Sixty and Shu Umera. Unlike any other Japanese shopping malls, Siam Discovery has got its unique share of food and beverage outlets. Some examples of these are Starbucks, an Outback Steakhouse, an Au Bon Pain, and an Ootoya. It also makes available a shop for Madame Tussauds on the 5th floor of the mall. Siam Discovery makes available almost every type of consumer item, and with its large capacity, you can find anything you’re looking to buy by just simply asking the staff around.


Siam Discovery Center


Some Points Of Attraction In The Siam Discovery Center

It’s The Largest Mall For Cutting-Edge Asian Design In The City

Siam design doesn’t only go big to promote Thai designers, but also to provide designs for the rest of Asia. And the do this by focusing mainly on spectacular brands from Tokyo Fashion Week. You could be seeing a wide range for both women and men such as Factotum, Yoshi Kubo, Beautiful People, Discord by Yohji, and Dressed Undressed.

There are some nice views at the home decor section

The home decor section is a major point of attraction in the Siam Discovery mall. It has also done a good job by welcoming Habitat, one of the best home decor brands. Habitat is ranked among other top brands like Martell, Tom Dixon, and Hay. And these would soon be launching its first concept store at Siam Discovery.

The City Best Sports Store Is In Siam Discovery

Nike, the leading sports brand is intending to open it’s a first concept store in Southeast Asia. Thereby making available a full line of products that would be sold in Siam Discovery ahead of every other location. Customers can also use their embroidery services to get their names or signatures on the sports outfits. And also, Adidas another too brand is going to launch it’s the biggest store in Thailand, thereby making available exclusive collections for Thai fans.

There are numerous stylish items for you at very cheap prices

The Siam Discovery mall offers a lot to customers and is about much home decor and fashion. If you use the updated version of multi-brand store loft, you would find some of the best health and beauty goods in town, amazing stylish stationery and IT products. More than half or almost all items in the store are from Japan.

Siam Discovery has a feature known as dressing lab that assists in clothes shopping

This is another amazing point of attraction in the Siam Discovery mall. You would get assistance doing some clothing shopping cos of the feature that helps pick your clothes for you. There’s a concept known as “The Exploratorium”. Deciphered, which means they want customers to have more of interactive shopping experience. A good instance of this is that, in the dressing room, there’s a computer that helps pick out some items that would fit with your look from the store.

How To Locate Siam Discovery Center

Locating Siam Discovery Center isn’t much of a big deal. And since it’s adjacent to the Siam Center, it’s just the same direction and routes you would have to follow. To get to Siam Discovery mall, still take either line of a Skytrain to Siam station. Find the exit “Siam Center” and walk through that mall to the Siam Discovery just next door after it. Or you can also choose to go through the stadium walkways. To do so, take the Skytrain to the National Stadium, and simply walk down to Siam Discovery. You can choose to go in your car also if you would be doing some bulk shooing. Simple use the GPS directions in your car.

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