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Cafe-hopping Siam

It’s time for cafe-hopping Siam! It is a beautiful sunny morning and you are full of energy. Get those feet moving and visit one of the liveliest districts in Bangkok City. Boredom is out of the itinerary with streets full of activities, snacks, restaurants and cafes. 


The latter one is today’s focus, cafe – hopping is one of the trendy activities in big cities. If you are unfamiliar with the term Cafe-hopping, rest assured that after reading this you will be ready to  stroll around different spots of the city and visit a couple of delightful coffee shops in the most efficient way.  

Step by step to Cafe-Hopping Siam Square 


There are 2 ways to cafe-hopping, the adventure style and the well-planned style. As you can imagine the adventure requires minimum planning, with only a small research on the area you should be good to go.  


On the other hand, if you have limited time and you want an optimum experience to get those amazing photo shoots, then you must invest more time into having a good itinerary. Here is the list of things you need to consider when you do a cafe hopping. 


1. Making a Budget – Different Cafes have different price ranges and you need to be aware of your budget for the day. If you do not plan this you might end up spending way more than you expect. Setting a budget for each venue can help you keep your expenses under control.

2. Teaming up – Doing a cafe-hopping with someone else makes this experience more enjoyable and fun. Doing a cafe-hopping with friends will increase your budget and the amount of things you can try.

3. Location is Key – Choosing the right area is key for an amazing cafe-hopping and we can say that Siam Square will not disappoint you. With a handful of coffee shops this area is perfect to start your Cafe-hopping day. From shopping mall cafes, to more chic ones in the small streets of Siam Square you will find great options to visit.

4. Select your starting point – Starting close to the BTS is definitely convenient. Siam BTS Station is right at the center of Siam Square and from here you can move all around the area.

La Brioche Siam Square is an amazing starting point. As close as 2 minute walk from BTS, this amazing cafe is worthy of being your first stop. Choosing it as your first stop has the great benefit of granting you access to the parking area of Novotel Bangkok on Siam Square, perfect if you come by car. 

La Brioche Bakery

La Brioche Siam Square has many reasons to become one of your first stops. A refreshing vibe with elegant minimalism that offers delightful drinks, pastries and desserts, perfect for that Instagram picture.

High Tea 

If you come with several friends the amazing High Tea Set will be the perfect highlight of your picture with a variety of savory and sweet pastries. With French inspired sweets like bergamot macarons, pistachio eclairs, orange and mandarin financier, and more, this is the perfect sharing platter. Signature desserts at La Brioche are not only good looking. Getting a bite from our Shokupan toast, Pandan Brick or Molten Cakes is a delicious experience, guaranteed. 


5. Planning your route – Once you select your starting point, go to your preferred maps application and research the area for other amazing cafes near Siam Square. We usually recommend visiting 3 to 5 cafes during your cafe-hopping Siam to get the most out of it. When you are planning the route make it so that you are not far away from your return point like BTS or your car.

6. Other considerations –  Check the weather and pack an umbrella if necessary. Dress to impress and get the most out of it. Bringing a good tripod can help you get those selfies for your IG account.


Cafe-hopping Siam is all about trying new things, sharing with friends and enjoying a great time. Discover the hidden gem in Siam Square. Visit La Brioche Siam Square and enjoy a magnificent weekend. 


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