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Nitrogen Ice Cream

An Ice Cream better than Ice Cream

Come over at Gourmet Bar and discover an Ice Cream like no others. We introduce to you the Nitro Ice Cream, made in seconds right before your eyes with liquid Nitrogen.

Why does Nitrogen Ice Cream taste better? Cooled downed at -200°C, the nitrogen form smaller ice crystals into the Ice Cream than when normally refrigerated, which gives it a smoother, creamier texture (think about the difference between eating an ice cube and shaved ice). These small ice crystals then evaporates quicker, leaving place to all the flavors.

What we have for you to taste:

1)      Choco lulu       150THB net

Nutella, brownie and marshmallow

2)      Bubble me       150THB net

Earl grey tea, cream cheese, burnt brown sugar and boba

3)      Green envy       150THB net

Matcha and green tea variation

4)      Citric-licious      120THB net

Orange sorbet with orange compote

5)      Luscious pineapple  120THB net

Virgin pina colada pineapple and coconut cream

6)      Rice rice baby       100THB net

Frozen breath with rice puff mixed in liquid nitrogen

 Nitrogen Ice Cream  Nitrogen Ice Cream  Nitrogen Ice Cream
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