Acai Bowls and Protein Shakes

Acai Bowl & Protein Shake

Stay healthy with our refreshing “Acai Bowls and Protein Shakes”, packed with antioxidant and full of protein.
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Do you need an energy boost before or after your gym session?
Do you crave a tasty snack but today is not your cheat day?

We have what you need! The guilty-free pleasure that is sure to satisfy your hunger:

Acai Bowls


  • The Basic (250 THB)
    Acai, banana, almond slices, granola
  • Fruits Bowl (280 THB)
    Acai, dragon fruit, kiwi, banana, strawberry, goji berry, coconut shreds
  • Super Bowl (300 THB)
    Acai, strawberry, banana, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, flax seeds, coconut shreds, granola
acai bowl acai bowl acai bowl

Protein Shakes


  • The Incredible Bulk (240 THB)
    Kana, spinach, honey, lime juice, almond milk, green apple, chia seeds, protein
  • Totes Oats (230 THB)
    Banana, oat, flax seeds, Greek yogurt, honey, mineral water, protein
  • Berry Blitz (230 THB)
    Mixed berries, honey, Greek yogurt, mineral water, protein
  • Nuts for Nutz (250 THB)
    Peanut butter, espresso, mango, almond milk, mineral water, dark chocolate, protein
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